Editorial: In my work I study the connections between past human events and features of the natural and built environment. Part of this study involves looking at human settlement on diverse landscapes, which is why I collect these aerial images (if you happen to stumble on a fine example please send it along). The theory is quite simple and almost blasé in today’s scholarship: the relationship between human life and physical space is dialectical as the two change and develop through constant interaction (i.e., through a dialogue). If you have any doubt whether the space that contains us (concrete/wooded, flat/inclined, cramped/spacious, etc.) alters or affects our behavior in the same way that our actions (building, farming, digging, moving, etc.) transform landscapes, just take a look at these images. Think how different you would be– how different your thoughts, beliefs and dreams would be– if you lived in these places. Clearly I could make the same point about people’s social milieu influencing who they are and what they do. In fact, to understand an event and its actors you need to think about both worlds—the material and the social—as well as a few others that I can wrestle with later (ideological and physiological being the big two). In the meantime enjoy these views from around the world.



12 responses to “Settlement

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  2. blm

    I love these pictures (and I love you).

  3. Anonymous

    Peñon de Alhucemas is Spanish

  4. Pebble Gifford

    Someone tipped me off that you had a marvelous “web site” (or whatever it is called), and i found it. I am reminded of Homi Bahba and his thesis about civilization and settlement. You never cease to amaze me. You are as curious and as questioning about life on this planet (and in the cosmos) as i am, but the difference is that you are memorializing your thoughts and a I just flit around from one to the other. Keep it up. It is great stuff. I checked the reference to the Islands off Morocco. Interesting.
    I believe the little hill top town in Tuscany (begins with an “M”) is the one we stopped at for lunch when heading across Italy to Bari and Corfu. That was one of my most favorite trips even though we thought I was dying on the Ferry across the Adriatic.
    Anonymous xxoo

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  6. Like it a lot!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. DADAŞ

    very nice photos
    Greetings from Turkey

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  10. Porter

    Cool collection. Some ideas…

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